Morris minor disc brake and suspension upgrades
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Modern Upgrade and Modification Kits

Modifications can be a great way of improving and bringing your classic car into the 21st Century, whether your classic car is a daily driver or only taken out at weekends, upgrades and modifications can give you the comfort and drive you desire. Whether you’re after better handling, stronger brakes, or smoother running there are a good number of kits available.

I am pleased to offer a fitting service for a number of modern upgrade and modification kits that are suitable for the Morris Minor, MGB/MGC and MG Midget. The kits are supplied new and are readily available from a number of other classic car restoration suppliers and include the following:


  • Front Disc Brake Conversion/Upgrade
  • Front Telescopic Suspension Conversion
  • Rear Telescopic Suspension Conversion (NOT available for Morris minor Van/Pickup)
  • Rear Anti Tramp Kits (NOT available for Morris minor Van/Pickup)
  • Rear Disc Brake Conversion (MG Midget only)
  • Cooling Fan Kits
  • Electronic Fuel Pumps
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Trackers & Immobilisers
  • Screen Washer Kit (Designed for Morris Minor)
  • 2 Speed Windscreen Wiper Kit (Morris Minor only)
  • Anti Roll Bar kit/upgrades
  • Boot & Bonnet Gas Strut Kits (MGB/MGC only)


As these kits take anywhere from an hour to a number of days to fit I am pleased to say that they each come with a standard set price which includes the cost of the kit and the labour charge to fit the kit.

Please Note: Each kit is designed for a specific make and model of car as such the prices may differ. The condition of any cars structural strength will vary, should any issues come to light whilst fitting any of the kits, the costs may then differ from that originally given or if any additional repairs are requested by the owner.

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