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General Maintenance and Servicing of Classic Cars

I am proud to offer 3 levels of quality servicing for your classic car, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup & our top of the range Gold Cup service.

Each service level is specifically designed to give you the best quality servicing for your classic car, at the best price, to meet your requirements.


Bronze Cup Service

The Bronze Cup service is my entry level service which covers the basic service requirements, for your classic car.

It will take no longer than a day and will contain the following:

  • Suspension Grease up
  • Oil and Filter Changes
  • Tyre Pressure check
  • Spark plug change
  • Hand Brake and foot brake adjustment as required
  • Coolant change


Silver Cup Service

The Silver Cup service is by far the most popular service that my clients choose.

It takes no longer than one day to complete and contains all of the Bronze Cup service with the following additions:

  • Wash and Wax of the exterior body work
  • Underside and wheel arches Waxoyl protection


Gold Cup Service

The Gold Cup service is my premier service, which I guarantee you wont get anywhere else.

It takes a total of two days to complete, contains all that the Silver Cup service provides and the following extras:

  • Full interior deep clean valet
  • full and highly detailed exterior deep clean & polish




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