Triumph TR3a
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1958 Triumph TR3A

In 2013 we undertook our first major restoration on a classic sports car, this Triumph TR3A is an American import and underwent one of the biggest restorations possible.
Every single component was stripped from the car assessed and either repaired or replaced with new old stock or modern reproduction samples. Starting with the body work, we made a good number of welding repairs to the TR3A it had suffered badly from rust and corrosion, thankfully we were able to save many of the panels such as the wings and doors, but we had to replace the floors and the rear apron panel. This was not a problem as we progressed through its restoration in a orderly manner. Once the body and main panels were fully repaired it was split from the chassis, both were shot blasted to find any further problems that required and repairs. once these repairs were done the chassis was sent for powder coating and the body and panels sent for painting. during this time the engine and gear box was over hauled ready to be refitted to the chassis. The chassis was first to return to us, so we made good headway in getting it ready to receive the body, this allowed us to fit out the chassis with all the running gear. With the body on the main reassembly could then take place, with lots of new parts fitted, engine tuned and details applied the TR3A successfully took its first moves in summer 2014.

A lot of help and assistance came from TR Trader a local specialist who supplied the parts and offered help and advice through out the restoration.

This restoration has taken around 18 months to complete, the full interior trim and hood have now finally been fitted to complete the wonderful restoration of this beautiful car.

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Kevin is very trustworthy and provides an excellent value for money service