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Rover P6 2200 TC

The Rover P6 2200TC came to us for a repaint, some engine work and a gearbox swap. Its finished in “Pendelican” White with a Mango Interior. The Rover p6 was completely stripped down for its repaint, with this car all the exterior panels are removable from the main body, this makes it an easier car to have repainted. Once all the exterior details were removed from each panel, the panel was then removed, assessed and any repairs under taken, a number of the larger panels were sent for shot blasting to remove any further rust and debris prior to being painted. Once the panels were at our local spray shop we carried on with the gear box exchange, this required the engine to be removed from the car, the gear box and clutch were then changed over, thankfully we managed to complete this work in time for the body panels to arrive back from the paint shop. These were then coated in waxoyl on the inner side to help protect them for the future.

The work took approx 6 months to complete in between other jobs that we were working on at the time.