1980 MGB Roadster
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1980 MGB Roadster

This 1980 MGB Roadster came to me for some clutch work, and a number of other smaller jobs.

The clutch was found to be a tad sticky when the car was first taken out each day but then got better and back to normal after a few miles. As the car isn’t used on a daily basis and hasn’t done much mileage since a replacement clutch was fitted, has lead me to think that it was purely down to lack of use and that the slave cylinder or another part of the mechanism had become stiff and required some attention. However as it turned out when the owner dropped it off all was working fine, but I still had a look to see if there was anything obvious. In the end all i did was to take the pivot pin out of the cylinder give it a clean and a de-burr grease it up and put it back together. Currently myself and the Owner are still unsure as to what the clutch problem is, as such  the owner has taken the car to enjoy it and will report back in time to see if it improves or gets worse etc.

The owner also asked if the drivers door strikers could be adjusted as they were hitting each other when the door was closed, after a little play around with the strikers no position could be found that would be suitable, so the door was adjusted on its top hinge pulling the door back up, and hey presto it closed beautifully with no hint of damage to the striker plates. One of the other jobs included giving the engine bay a bit of a clean and tidy to make it a little more presentable. My final job on this car for the time being was to attend to some bubbled paintwork on the passengers door, this was cleaned off de-rusted and painted with a few layers of black hammerite which was then T-cut back and polished into the original paint to blend and be much less obvious.

Recently the car has returned to us for a brake overhaul, with new pads and shoes fitted, once the new parts are bedded in the brakes will be re adjusted once more.

What Our Client Said About Us

Personal courteous service with work completed on time. Have no hesitation in recommending to other classic car owners.