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1973 MGB Clutch Replacement

This beautiful MGB came to me for a clutch replacement, although the engine ran well and it pulled happily through the gears, there was a noticable growl each time the clutch was depressed to change gear, there was also a huge amount of heat coming through the gearbox tunnel. Clearly Something was wrong with the clutch, as such it was agreed that we would remove the engine and replace it.

Once we got the engine out it was clear that the clutch had become excessively hot in use, possibly caused by riding. this explained the heat and also the growling sound, as the springs had become weakened and the clutch surfaces dammaged and worn. The new clutch was duly fitted, the engine re installed and all put back together. On the test run, everything performed perfectly with no noise or heat found. The owner was “over the moon” to have his beloved MGB back and running properly once again.