1971 MGB-GT
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1971 MGB-GT

This 1971 MGB-GT came to me for some repairs to its drivers side front wing, around the light fitting and at the lower portion by the sill.

I made a start removing the light fitting and the chrome trim piece that runs the length of the wing, and the splash plate on the inside of the wing, it was soon apparent that some repairs would be needed to the sill, and a few other areas. as such the parts were ordered, and i made a start repairing the area around the light fitting. This required two repair pieces to be made up, one where the light fitting sits and the other on the side of the wing. I use old cerial packet to create a template of the area before cutting the shape out of new metal. this is then used as a template to cut the hole to fit the new piece in. with the holes in the wing cut to the corect shape the new metal is first tacked in place then seam welded bit by bit, once its fully welded this is then ground down with the grinder, and further holes weleded up before final grinding with a flap disc. The area was then treated to a coat of red oxide primer before a thin layer of filler to help smooth the repair more, once sanded and smoothed a coat of grey enamel primer was used.

One the new parts for the MGB-GT had arrived i was able to make a start cutting out the lower portion of the wing, to provide access to be able to repair the sill it was found that the sill piece had rusted away somewhat as had the inner sill piece. This required me to cut out more of the wing, to allow me to cut out part of both the sill and inner sill giving access to make tidy repairs. Starting with the inner sill, these repairs were made in a similar maner, first a card template was made, and then transfered to sheet metal, before being welded in and the welds then ground back. The outer sill was then made up in the same way and plug welded to the new inner sill piece and then seam welded to the rest of the outer sill, this was all ground back and given a coating of red oxide primer.

with the sill now repaired, the bottom portion on the wing could be replaced, again a car template was used to give the correct dimensions to cut out of the new repair panel piece, this was cut larger than required so that it could be trimmed bit by bit to get the best fit. With the best fit found the areas to be welded were tidyied up and the piece clamped in place, followed by a couple of small tack welds to help hold it. with the clamps removed the piece was then slowly seam welded together to the wing. this was done in stages to reduce any heat warping of the metal. once happy that it was all welded in place, the welds were ground down with the flap disc to provide a smooth finish, before being coated in red oxide primer. Once this had dried a coat of filler was put over the area ready to smooth and blend, reducing the visibility of the repair, again this then recieved a coat of Grey enamel primer. Once both grey primer areas had dried, the lower wing portion had fresh holes drilled for the fixing bolts to be put in.

A number of coats of an enamel gloss black paint were used on each of the repaired areas, this was sanded down wet with fine wet and dry paper to give as smooth a finish as possible. The final top coat was T-cut back and wax polished to help blend the join even more. From a little distance the repair areas are almost invisible, its only up close where you can see some of the brush marks. With the paint work sorted, all the remained was to refit the new headlight assembly and the new chrome trim piece down the side, before a liberal coating of waxoil was sprayed on the underside and in the wheel arches.

What Our Client Said About Us

Kevin attended to my ’71 MGB GT, carrying out some restoration work to the wing and sill. From the start he was very honest, open and helpful, communication was great throughout the job and as a result I have no hesitation recommending KGC Engineering for your classic bodywork needs.