1965 MGB Roadster
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1965 MGB Roadster

This beautiful 1965 MGB Roadster required a few oil leaks to be attended too. After an ititial visit and assessment it was found that the sump plug washer was weaping as was the gasket on the rear axle differential. A plan was formed and a few weeks later I went out to to carry out the required work. This required the engine and the differential to have an oil change as the old oil would have to be removed for this job.

I started with the engine, by just lifting the front end of the car it allowed me better access and the oil to drain out into a bowel much easier, it had helped as well that the owner had taken the car for a spin prior to me arriving as this warmed the oil up so that it would flow out better. With the sump plug cleaned and a new copper washer fitted, it was a case of refitting the plug and filling the engine with fresh oil.

With the front end done it was time to do the differential. I jacked up the back end of the car and put it onto my portable ramps to give me just enough access hight to drain the diff and to remove the cover plate once it was fully drained. Access to all the fixing bolts was interesting as there is not a lot of room, with the fuel tank and hand brake cables getting in the way. With the cover removed it was clear that the gasket had aged and become brittle as such it was leaking. I gave the cover a clean, and used a scraper to remove all traces of the old gasket on the cover and the axle. Once everything was cleaned, a thin layer of gasket sealant was put on the cover, before the new gasket was fitted, this was followed by another layer of gaket sealant, this spreads out and fills in any dimples etc on the mating surfaces. The cover was then refitted and the bolts put in and tightened up, The filler cap was then released to allow me to fill the differential with its correct gear oil, all that then remained was to lower the car back onto the ground, clean and tidy up.

This job took around 2 and a half hours to complete, mainly due to the awkward access on the back axle.

I am very much looking forward to doing other maintenance jobs on this car in the future as it is a beautiful car that has been very well looked after over the years.

What Our Client Said About Us

Kevin arrived on time and did the work on my car, as quoted for, in a professional and friendly manner.