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Morris Minor Traveller (Moggy)

Moggy is the pride of our fleet, and is currently having a major restoration.
Moggy is a 1964 Morris Minor Traveller, and is owned by Kevin Colley who owns KGC Engineering, as part of the restoration moggy is being returned to as near original condition as possible. its hoped that she will make a very welcome return to service in early 2015

Update: Spring 2015:

Moggy has had a large number of welding repairs made to her, as during her strip down a large amount of rust was found in some structural places and behind old patch repairs. these have all been taken out and new metal put in, and a number of new panels fitted in areas including: front inner wings, rear floor, and engine bay. We still have to replace all the sills and part of the main cross member, its hoped to carry out this work during March where upon completion of this work we will be able to start the trial fitting of the new timber frame with repairs made to the metal work around where the new frame fits. only once all this work is complete, will she go to the paint shop.

Update February 2017:

its been a while since a progress report was put together for my Morris Traveller. it has now had all the major structural metal work repairs undertaken, allowing it to be ready to go for acid dipping in mid March. once it returns from there, there will be some further welding repairs to undertake, once this is done the car will be filled and primed ready for paint. its been a long time coming but at last progress can be seen. I am hoping to have her completed by the end of 2017 possibly in time for the Event city show at the end of September.