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1972 MGBGT

This 1972 MGBGT is one of our current long term restoration projects. The owner has carried out a lot of the work over the last 10 or so years, and has made the choice to pass it to us for completion.The MGBGT has had its survey and is mainly in a stripped down state ready to have further welding work undertaken to the underside of the body, once this is completed it will be ready to go to the paint shop. Whilst the body is away we will continue work on other parts that have been removed, inc the engine and suspension etc. Once the car is completed it will be finished in Teal Blue, with Chrome bumpers and Wire Wheels, which is correct for this car.

Update: Winter 2016:

The MGBGT is currently at the paint shop, for final filling and painting into teal blue. Whilst the car is away being painted the front and rear suspension units are being overhauled, painted and will be refitted to the body shell. once this is done the final painting can be completed ready for it to return to us for fit out and completion during the summer.