1972 MGB-GT
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1972 MGB-GT

This 1972 MGB-GT is with us for a full rebuild, whilst from the outside it doesn’t look bad, however upon closer inspection there is a certain amount of work to be done. This project will follow our usual pattern for a restoration, strip down, acid dip, welding repairs, body fit, paint, rebuild. we are estimating that it will be ready in approximately 12 months time, depending on potential delays/problems that may occur.

This MGB-GT is finished in Old English White, with black interior, as appropriate it comes with the mid production type grill and the Ro-Style wheels. Additionally it has a pair of front spot lights mounted on the correct chrome bumper.

Update June 2018:

A large number of the welding repairs have been taking place on this MGBGT, mainly around the rear of the car, theres still a way to go before its strong enough to go onto the rotator to have its castles replaced and any other welding repairs made.

Progress Update October 2017:

Progress has been good with this car, as it has been stripped down and the body shell and panels acid dipped and returned to us. the two subframe assemblies have also been stripped blasted, powdercoated as required then rebuilt. The body shell will be requiring substantial work to the rear end as this was heavily corroded, this will mean a new boot floor, chassis legs, wings and other parts in that area will be replaced over the coming months.