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Workshop Update August 2018

Well its certainly been a while since the last update, i have been so busy i havent had the time sadly, however here’s whats been going on:

Restoration Projects

1967 MGB-GT: This car finally came of the rotator in June, its underside fully welded and finished, it has since moved into the finishing bay for wing and door alignment, prior to the repairs needed on those. Additionally Lead load has been refitted, as this was lost during the acid dipping process. Its hoped that this car will have gone and returned from the paint shop by Christmas, ready for reassembly in the new year.

touch down

The 1967 MGBGT finally tocuhes down after the underside welding and finishing is completed

1972 MGB-GT: This car has had some serious work completed to it in recent months, essentially a complete new back end. Theres still a way to go but its getting there, its hoped to have it structurely strong enough to go on the rotator mid autumn, ready for the underside welding.

1972 MGBGT rwear end repairs more or less finished inc a complete new side panel

1972 MGBGT rwear end repairs more or less finished inc a complete new side panel

1962 Morris Minor 4 door Saloon: This car has been dipped and is now ready for the welding repairs to take place, theres plenty to do but its hoped that we can start to do this very soon

morris minor 4 door saloon after acid dipping

morris minor 4 door saloon after acid dipping

1991 Mini Cooper: Now refered to as Mini 1, this car has had 99% of the welding repairs completed, the subframes have also been stripped and blasted and are currently being powdercoated, its hoped to rebuild the subframes up soon.

Mini on the rotator

Mini on the rotator

1991 Mini Cooper: No prizes for guessing that this is refered to as Mini 2, this car has now been completely stripped, and acid dipped. We are now awaiting instruction from its owner on how to proceed. dont forget you can follow its progress on our Youtube Channel.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper during strip down

1964 Morris Traveller (Moggy): Sadly not much work has been done on Moggy, however she is due to go on to the rotator this coming week to have the final welding completed, we will also seam seal and POR15 the underside at this point, then its a matter of starting panel fitment and repair.

1972 Austin 8CWT Van (Ethel): Our own work horse Ethel has behaved and apart from regular servicing theres no news to report.


Completed Works:

Over the last few months we have had a good number of classic cars through the workshop, with a variety of jobs undertaken, these include the following:

MGB Roadster – Clutch replacement, Modified Morris Traveller – Electronic ignition, Rover 500 – wheel arch repairs, Triumph Spitfire – fuel pump

Other News:

In other news we had a good day at the Lymm Historic Transport Day, this is a regular event for us and is always well attended and recieved, we have picked up a number of small jobs from this including repairs to an MG Midget, this should be coming to us soon.

Other projects on the horizion include an MG Magnette for recommission a Triumph herald for completing, plus a number of ther cars wanting small repairs, servicing etc.

Our Next show will be the Manchester Classic Car Show at Event City 16-17 September


Thats all for now,

Happy Classic Motoring

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