valve setting (image courtesy of a google search)

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valve setting (image courtesy of a google search)

Quick Job Guide: Setting the valves on your Morris Minor

Required Tools & Parts: Feeler gauge Flat blade Screwdriver Spanner Starting handle or large spanner Rocker cover gasket Gasket Sealant Setting the Valves The Valve adjustments should be made with the engine cold. The importance of correct rocker arm/valve stem clearances cannot be over stressed as they vitally affect the performance of the engine. If […]

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Cleaned engine bay

Workshop Update March 2017

Its been a busy few weeks again here at KGC Engineering with good progress made on a number of projects. So here’s what i have been getting up too 1967 MGB-GT Good progress has been made to get the front suspension sub frame unit put back together so that it is ready to re fit […]

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1967 MGB-GT rear axle completed

Workshop update Feb 17

Its been a busy time here in the workshop at KGC Engineering, with lots of progress made on my own Morris Minor Traveller and the 1967 MGB-GT. Recently another MGB_GT has arrived for a complete rebuild, this one is a 1972 version, still a chrome bumper but with the later style Ro-Style wheels as opposed […]

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1967 MGB-GT

1967 MGB-GT Update Acid dipping

On the run up to Christmas the 1967 MGB-GT was the main focus of our work. Recently the body shell and panels went away for acid dipping, to firstly remove all the old paint and underseal but also to kill of any rust. This process allows us to work on a clean shell, which in […]

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