how to change tail/brake light bulb
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Quick Job Guide – how to change the rear tail/brake light bulb

If you find that the rear Tail/brake light bulb has blown on your morris minor traveller, van or pick up it will need to be replaced. luckily this is an easy enough job to do and should only take a matter of minuets. All you will need is a thin flat bladed screw driver and a new bulb.

Start by firstly removing the chrome bezzil from around the glass fitting, this is achieved by running the screwdriver between the bezzil and the rubber seal, once you have the screw driver under the bezzil run it around untill it releases it. Repeat this process for the glass lense.

You should now be able to see the blown bulb, press it in and twist it to release, make a note of which way up it was as this bulb has two filiments to it one for the tail light and one for the brakes. Replace with the new bulb making sure its the correct way around, once its in have a quick check either with a friend to help you or set up a video on your phone to record the lights coming on. With the bulb fitted correctly, its now time to put the glass lense back in, this is easily achieved by placing the glass ontop of the rubber seal, if you can try to get it started at the bottom it helps, you simply run the rubber seal around so that the lenze pops into place, repeat this process with the chrome bezzil, and the job is then finished.

I have done a video of how to do this job click the photo below to watch the video.

how to change tail/brake light bulb

how to change tail/brake light bulb

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