1936 Riley Merlin
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Life of Riley?

Its not often that a chance to work on a prewar car comes along, so when the owner of this 1936 Riley Merlin got in-touch, we just had to make a visit. The owner had only just bought the car a few days before, and was enthusiastic about it all. We decided that it would be best for us to give the car a complete service and check over so that it was in the best position to be taken out for a run. After much searching for where to get Prewar Riley parts from we came across Blue Diamond Riley Services, specialists in Prewar Riley’s. the team there were incredibly helpful and were able to supply us with the parts required to service the car.

When we came to service the car, we found it to be in incredible condition for its age, far better than some of its more modern counterparts. It had clearly been very well looked after by previous owners. Additionally we believe that it may have been in a number of vintage rally’s given the window stickers that declare it.

whilst the paint work of the car has a number of scratches in it, the owner has no intention of having the car repainted, as it has character, however the leather interior will be repaired at some point soon, as it is rather worn. It is his intention to use the car for short runs out whilst he gets used to the preselector gearbox and driving a vintage car, slowly increasing the miles and distances. This is because it is a complete change from the more modern cars he currently drives, and a very sensible idea, in our view.

Once we had completed the service on the Riley, its owner was very pleased with the work that we had undertaken, and couldn’t wait to take it for a spin.

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