how to change tail/brake light bulb

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how to change tail/brake light bulb

Quick Job Guide – how to change the rear tail/brake light bulb

If you find that the rear Tail/brake light bulb has blown on your morris minor traveller, van or pick up it will need to be replaced. luckily this is an easy enough job to do and should only take a matter of minuets. All you will need is a thin flat bladed screw driver and […]

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how to fit windscreen wiper

Quick Job Guide: Fitting new windscreen wipers

To replace the windscreen wipers when they are worn is a simple enough task, that should take no longer than 5 mins to complete. On the wiper itself, it has a small locating tab (arrowed) to fix it to the wiper arm, by releasing this tab the wiper can be easily removed from the arm, […]

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How to adjust the Fanbelt

Quick Job Guide: Fitting & adjusting the Fan Belt

To fit a new fan belt slacken slightly the two bolts on which the dynamo pivots and release the bolt securing it to the slotted link and the nut securing the slotted link to the engine. Move the dynamo to the engine as far as possible. Remove the old belt, then slide the new belt […]

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5 weekly checks

The 5 checks you should do on your classic car each week

Here’s my top 5 checks that you should do on your classic car each week. Click on the picture below to play the video

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