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Business promotion & planing ahead

Business, oh the joys of trying your best to promote your business to others in the hope that you will succeed. This is the aim of every entrepreneur be it Theo Paphitis or myself each one of us should have the same goal, to be successful. Now I’m in the business of classic car restoration, and have been trading for just over 3 years I’m pleased to say that so far it has been successful, yes there has been ups and downs, but tell me about a business that hasn’t had a problem or two to overcome. Over the last few years I have tried a lot of different ways to promote and advertize my business in an effort to attract new clients, some have worked better than others, but I have still to find that key promotional advert that makes people want to get in touch and have their classic car restored by my business.

The restoration of a classic car is both expensive and time consuming, it can take up to 2 years to fully complete a restoration, as such its a massive long term commitment from both the client to pay and myself to complete the project. This is why I offer and actively encourage clients; payment schemes, so that they can pay for the restoration and spread its cost over time, as a business it helps as we have a more stable income to buy parts, materials, pay wages etc.

So how do we promote our business? Well we have our fantastic website, an active Twitter account with latest updates, our Facebook page where we run our weekly competition, this I think would naturally in this modern world seem adequate to promote a business, yet our phones are still quiet? We have tried adverts in a number of relevant classic car magazines which cost a princely sum, with next to no return, we have attended a large number of classic car shows had plenty of interest yet very little of the back of it. So what are we doing wrong? Is it that we haven’t got the 35 years experience behind us? Is it that we are still working from a tiny garage? If I’m honest I don’t know the answers, but some how I still manage to carry on, there’s a number of people that have certainly expressed an interest in having their classic car restored, but have yet still to come forward and commit.

So where do we go from here? In trying to plan ahead for promotion of the business and for actual work, we currently only have one active client on the books, as such we do have space available for that next client to come forward with enthusiasm and joy to have their classic car restored by us. Will it be you? In promoting the business we will be carrying on as we have been doing with the use of social media and word of mouth, in addition where possible we will make active attempts to get some press coverage to push and promote ourselves. Did anyone see us in The Sun Newspaper the other week, as part of Theo Paphitis’ SBS winners stories?

Whilst some of you may read this thinking whats he moaning about, he must be desperate for work etc. I’m not moaning, nor am I complaining, this is me opening the window so that you can see a bit of how my business works, how its trying against all the odds to be successful, how despite previous pit falls its still going strong, I’m proud of what my small business has achieved, I’m proud of what I have achieved, I started with nothing and have made it work, grow and succeed.

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