1967 MGB-GT
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1967 MGB-GT Update Acid dipping

On the run up to Christmas the 1967 MGB-GT was the main focus of our work. Recently the body shell and panels went away for acid dipping, to firstly remove all the old paint and underseal but also to kill of any rust. This process allows us to work on a clean shell, which in turn allows us to repair the body to a better standard. 98% of the rust is killed off during the process, leaving just the metal work behind, this is then coated in an anti rust agent, prior to a coat of electrostatic primer. Which gets into all the cavities. This process is carried out at Ribble Technologies who are based in Preston.

The body shell and panels have returned to us, and the body shell was placed on our rotator for the welding repairs to be started. There are a number of repairs that need to be undertaken, but thankfully nothing major, meaning that this process shouldn’t take too long. A number of other repairs will also be needed on a number of the panels, but this should not be too much of an issue.

A number of parts for the suspension sub frame assemblies have been shot blasted and powder coated, and are now ready to be re assembled with new bushes and fittings as required.

1967 MGB-GT on the rotator after being Acid dipped

1967 MGB-GT on the rotator after being Acid dipped

With the new year our focus has now shifted towards getting our Morris Traveller completed. We have replaced the body shell on the rotator from the MG to the Traveller, allowing us to complete all the necessary repairs prior to it being acid dipped. Whilst this is on the rotator we will continue with the work to complete the two suspension sub assemblies for the MGB-GT. It is hoped to have the traveller acid dipped around February time.

Under side of our Traveller

Under side of our Traveller

It is hoped that this year will be a good one for us and should hopefully see the completion of at least two full projects, as well as a number of other exciting new projects that are in the pipeline both on the classic car front but also business front too.

Happy Classic Motoring


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